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FAQ's about Hangover Destroyer

Does HD work with any type of alcoholic beverage?

Q: Does HD work with any type of alcoholic beverage?

Yes, HD works at the cellular level of Ethanol molecules which constitutes all spirits fermented and distilled from complex sugar carbon chains.

Q: Can I take HD the next day once symptoms of a hangover exist?

Yes, HD will aid in recovery but is mainly preventative. Must be taken before, during or immediately following alcohol consumption to AVOID the next day symptoms. If you go to sleep without taking HD then your system is unsupported in neutralizing toxins from alcohol metabolism & therefore the chance of hangover symptoms greatly increase.

When is the best time to take HD?

Q: When is the best time to take HD?

A: HD is a unique blend of powerful herbs high in antioxidants and like most supplements it should be taken along with or just after solid food to aid in digestion & maximize absorption. HD is designed to work with/during alcohol consumption. The next morning is too late to AVOID hangovers, although HD can be taken to aid in next day recovery.

Q: Is it like an energy drink or energy gel?

NO, HD contains no stimulants (caffeine) and is gluten free. The only similarity is the convenient flexible packaging that allows you to take HD in any pocket to the party.

Q: Why cant I just take the same ingredients as a dietary supplement (pills/capsules/powder)?

In a word, Bioavailability. By using MCT oil derived from Coconut oil, HD’s unique delivery system allows for more of the active ingredients to be absorbed into the blood stream (80-90%) & travel directly to the liver. See: Health Benefits

Is HD guaranteed to work?

Q: Is HD guaranteed to work?

YES, If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund any unopened packets of HD.

Q: How is HD made?

HD is blended in a lab in Nevada & packaged in a facility according to FDA standards. All ingredients are of the highest quality and tested for purity. See: About HD

What are the health risks?

Q: What are the health risks?

None. HD is a natural and safe nutritional supplement. There are no negative side effects associated with this product when used as directed.

Q: What is the most effective method to eliminate a hangover?

There are many factors that contribute to an individual’s level and rate of inebriation. We recommend that your start with a single serving of HD (1 packet) before or during drinking. If more than 5 drinks are consumed over the course of an evening (3-5 hour period) an additional packet of HD before sleep maybe required to ensure total prevention of next-day hangover symptoms. Always stay hydrated (water) and eat solids foods during long periods of alcohol consumption.